The Dead Linger Alpha - 2013

The Dead Linger Alpha - 2013

The Dead Linger - sandbox shooter with survival in a zombie apocalypse, with a huge and randomly generated world!

You will be able to craft things, drive, kill zombies, find friends, kill zombies together, traveling again to kill zombies, find shelter and rebuild it without forgetting to kill zombies.

Gloomy "sandbox" of survival in a city teeming with living carrion. Planned a randomly generated town of 25 000 kilometers, construction barricades to defend the safe havens, "coop" for 16 people, a lot of interactive objects and weapons.

Release year: 2013 | Genre: Horror / FPS / Sandbox / 3D | Developer: Sandswept Studios | Publisher: Sandswept Studios | Platform: PC | Type of publication / localization: license | Language: English | Sound language: English



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